Our Dogs

Leonmoor Leonbergers              Telephone: 01282 424001                             info@leonmoor.co.uk

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We own 15 Leonbergers, 2 boys and 13 girls.

All of our dogs spend their entire lives with us, from birth to old age; we do not rehome our dogs once their breeding life has finished….. how could we...they are part of our family.

In order of seniority:-




Bruges         I’m Big-Bos VH Leonhuuske at Leonmoor        5 years

Brazil           Quebec du Plateau Bavarois           2 years




Lightning    Jantonely Dawn til Dusk             12½ years

Africa           Leonmoor Ural Sea                     12 years

Canada       Leonmoor Mustang                                9½ years

Chile            Leonmoor Arcturus                  5 years

Cairo            Leonmoor Nevada                   4 years

Malta            Leonmoor Anne Bonney                        3 years

Morocco      Leonmoor Catwoman                             3 years

Vienna          Leonmoor Innsbruck                              3 years

Tundra         Bergleeson Saxophone                         17 months

Asia             Leonmoor                                                10 months

Peru             Leonmoor                                               10 months

Georgia       Leonmoor                                               10 months

Khaleesi      Leonmoor                                               8 months