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About us

We are Grant & Mandy Saggers and are passionate about the gorgeous Leonberger dog.

We have owned giant breed dogs for 20 years and currently have 15 beautiful Leonbergers made up of 2 males & 13 bitches.

We lost our last Estrela Mountain Dogs, Simba & Kenya to old age in 2008. They were our introduction into the world of giant breed dogs. Being a very good guarding breed they require more careful handling and training than the more family orientated Leonberger.

Our Leonbergers range in age from just 3 months to three of our golden oldies that are now over 10 years old. We lost our adorable foundation girl, India, at 10 years and 7 months old. We still miss her.

Having between us owned many different breeds throughout our lives from childhood up to middle age, we have come to the conclusion that you cannot beat the Leonberger as the breed to own and live with!

We have a saying in the Leonberger world…..”one is never enough”….and it is true that the addiction sets in with the first dog!! Many a time people come back for another puppy soon after getting their first such is the pull of these fantastic dogs.

All our dogs roam free together all day, which does lead to some fascinating behaviour to watch every day....!

We care passionately about our dogs and the puppies that we send to new homes. To this end we are members of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme. This is a stringent Kennel Club monitored scheme to ensure good practice in the breeding, rearing and after care support of puppies. For more information about this scheme and the requirements that breeders have to comply with please click here. We can proudly say that we are one of the few Leonberger breeders that have been inspected thrice and have passed with the general comment “exceeds many of the requirements of the scheme”.

Whenever possible we try to keep in contact with our new puppy owners as we love to know how they are getiing on.

We also try to have a get together whenever possible to meet up with the brothers & sisters of all the litters.



Telephone; 01282 424001

Email; info@leonmoor.co.uk