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In Remembrance

Kenya was a true Estrela, very independent and stubborn, and perfect for the original breed role of protecting the sheep high in the mountains of mid-Portugal in the Sierra de Estrela.

We shall always smile when we remember her stubbornness in almost everything we told her to do .you told her to go right, she would go left, you told her to go in, and she would go out!

Her temperament meeting new people and dogs was excellent, never showing any aggression or wariness, which considering her guarding heritage was amazing.

She loved the mountain trips in Scotland and the freedom it offered her. She had a very full and rewarding life, being the first of our giant breed dogs, she travelled greatly and experienced more than most dogs ever will.

It is sad to see such a past active dog degenerate into old age with all its frailties, but Kenya still retained her dignity, with of course a healthy dose of stubbornness!

Rest in peace Kenya.