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In RemembranceRectangle: Rounded Corners: Our Tribute to our most loyal Leonberger

We lost our beautiful loyal Austria to a mystery virus/illness that gave her extreme diarrhea and

Vomiting over just 2 days that we could not stop.

She was a very protective and loyal girl, not really interested in strangers, but would welcome them

In once she realised they were not a threat to our security! Especially guarding over Mandy when

she was alone in the house.

Very fit and agile for her size, she was one of our fastest runners with considerable stamina shown

during her only Scottish Highlands walk a couple of years back. On such a trip she would keep

close, not really interested in the sheep or deer, the opposite to her companion on the trip Thunder!

She was not interested in being pack leader, but no-one messed with her as they could sense

her underlying strength and character. She was just no trouble at all during the wonderful time

we had with her, not even misbehaving as a pup, she was such a joy to have around.

Her rapid and shocking passing was just plain awful, as she had not been to the vet for any illness

her entire life.

Thank you Austria for giving us such great moments and sharing your life with us, we are so

glad that you have left your beautiful daughter Canada as a living memory.


Austria having a well earned

rest at the top of

Ben Avon July 13 !!