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In Remembrance

She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and as with the aggressive nature of this disease, it was decided to end her suffering when we felt the painkillers could no longer maintain her quality of life…. she was such a truly special girl still retaining her fantastic character through this difficult period.

As a mum, she remained close to her siblings, Finland, China & Austria, and for the following days after she died they were strangely clingy to us, looking for re-assurance without quite knowing why.

 India and Alaska had an interesting relationship; Alaska being the only one that she respected, could not boss about, but Alaska was happy for her to be the leader of the rest of the pack, but would take the mickey at any opportunity …. Something the other dogs would never do! They would literally growl at each other, tails wagging, every time they passed each other, every day, sometimes 30 to 40 times a day! Never anything more than a respectful growl at each other, something that they appeared to gain great security and stability from.

Alaska gave love and loyalty to her family at all times; with tremendous humour and character, something that guests of the house would never see. She was very suspicious in her earlier years of guests, especially guarding with Mandy around, but as she matured she relaxed more and realised that she did not need to be so protective of her beloved Mandy!

Many a time we would go into the kitchen to find our Bradley on the floor, asleep, and wrapped around Alaska who adored cuddles. 

Alaska was always ‘in-tune’ with us and gave us endearing memories that we shall cherish; times of great laughter, of pride and excitement with the birth of her litters, and a wonderful legacy in the shape of Finland, China & Austria….. 

We made the photo tribute to Alaska that Mandy sung the vocals beautifully to the song in memory of her wonderful girl. Rest in peace Alaska we miss you terribly.

AlaskaRectangle: Rounded Corners: Our Tribute to our special girl